One Year Later, Fed Investigators are Hot on the Squiggles NFT Creator’s Heels for Wire Fraud & Money Laundering

It’s been almost a year since the government poured resources into cracking down on the unethical practices of the Squiggles Non-Fungible Token (NFT) creator. You remember, don’t ya? Oh, how our hopes were high that justice would finally be served.

The Good, The Bad, and the Squiggles

The promise of NFTs and their profitable scopes lured in investors and crypto fans alike and this tipped the scales of power which paved the path for some downright shady business.

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The Squiggles crew allegedly were up to their ears in wire fraud and money laundering—making for a hefty criminal case. Despite the lack of evidence and the lack of legal action, federal investigators never gave up on the headline-worthy case.

The Squiggles Investigation Concluded

Well, a year later, the investigation is finally over and justice is served. Several members of the Squiggles NFT creator team have been arrested and are now facing time behind bars.

The core players have been charged with the following crimes:

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  • Wire Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Attempted Obstruction of Justice
  • Tax Evasion

No Profit for the Squiggles Crew

Now that the investigation has wrapped, the Squiggles crew can finally reap what they sowed: jail time and, unfortunately, no profits. It’s been reported that audits of the accounts of the Squiggles team revealed no sign of financial gain from their fraudulent activities.

A Lesson Learned

At the end of the day, you can’t mess around with criminal activity and expect to get away with it. The Squiggles crew probably thought they got away with the perfect heist, but they didn’t. It’s a great reminder — always exercise caution when getting involved any kind of financial venture.

In the spirit of the hugely successful Squiggles platform, we can only say one thing of this whole harrowing tale: “Squiggles are cool and all, but crime don’t pay!”

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