Billionaire Binance Is Back on the Korean Crypto Block

It’s B-A-C-K! Everyone’s favorite blockchain giant, Binance, is making moves again in the Korean crypto-sphere. This time, they’re investing in troubled exchange Gopax.

It’s reported that Binance is exchanging their funds for the Korean Won, looking to revive the exchange. Whether it’s to start fresh or to turn a nice profit, the effects this will have on the Korean crypto market will be monumental.

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Here’s What We Know About The Deal

  • A solid cash injection from Binance : Gopax was in desperate need for money, and Binance answered the call. Although the exact amount remains undisclosed, reports are suggesting that it’s in the millions.
  • Bid for Gopax’s USDT Market : It’s not just an ego boost for the blockchain giant, they’re getting something in return. Binance has made a play for Gopax’s USDT market, further strengthening their hand in the Korean crypto-circle.
  • Furthering Binance’s reach : With more control over the Korean market, Binance will be able to consolidate their power, strengthening their position as global crypto-king.

What Can We Expect Now?

It’s anyone’s guess! Though, we can make a few educated guesses. Considering the size of Binance’s investment, we can expect Gopax to use the money to upgrade its services. That means more innovative tech, smoother transactions, and better customer service.

It’s also likely that we’ll see a consolidation of the Korean crypto-market. Some of the smaller players will likely get pushed out, as Binance looks to establish a monopoly.

A Controversial Move?

Let’s face it, it’s not a popular move. It’s expected that some of the other players in the Korean market will be unhappy, as they’ll feel they’ve been pressure out by Binance.

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And, by taking a stake in an already troubled exchange, it’s a risk, particularly considering that some of the Gopax’s problems have nobody to blame but themselves.

The Bottom Line:

Binance, they’re making moves again. With their investment in Gopax, they’ll be looking to take control of the Korean market and make a profit. Their return has caused some controversy, but who knows — maybe it’s the shakeup that is needed to bring the Korean blockchain world back to its glory days.

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