Kazakhstan Cracking Down On Crypto Trading in The Most Fun Way Possible!

It looks like Kazakhstan is determined to shake things up in the crypto market. It’s announced plans for a public consultation of proposals on how to best improve crypto trading in the country. Is Vlad Putin’s bear hug of a neighbouring country flexing its muscles, or are they playing Knights of the Crypto Table?

Why The Big Changes?

Kazakhstan wants stronger control over the buying and selling of cryptocurrency in the country and wishes to set up procedures to track transaction sources and destination, and prevent money laundering. But instead of waving drab rules, Kazakh regulators have come up with a different approach.

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Proposals Being Discussed

So who needs more boring paperwork? Here are just a few of the ideas submitted for consideration during the public consultation, to make sure the blockchain always follows the golden rule:

  • Crypto Superheroes – Giving superpowers to ordinary citizens who can help police the cryptocurrency economy in exchange for rewads, of course.
  • Crypto Olympics – Yes, Olympian successes are gold-worthy. And no, we don’’t mean winning medals in the traditional sense. Think more along the lines of “Catch the Crypto Scammer” or “Who Can Spot Fake Transactions First?”
  • Crypto Diplomats – Offering training courses and certification courses to shape the professionals who’ll work to uphold responsible crypto trading.

Will It Work?

We certainly hope so. Of course, some may argue that Kazakhstan could just use technology and the law to crack down on crypto trading. But Kazakhstan’s proactive approach goes to show just how seriously it takes its role as the cryptocurrency “wild west.” It’s securing a safer trading environment while trying to keep the spark of fun alive.

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