Week in Review: What a Time to be Alive!

This week’s biggest news:

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  • BTC Institutional Investor Forecast for 2023
    According to the most recent institutional investor forecast, BTC is projected to reach $146,000 by 2023. That’s right! We might all be swimming in crypto riches soon!

Elon Musk Makes McDonald’s Promise Again

Elon Musk just won’t quit with the promises! This week, he has promised to make breakfast burritos at all McDonalds locations using only renewable energy. When asked what he would be using to make the burritos, he replied, “Thruster power. Although, I suppose we could also use batteries, solar, and wind.”

Robert Kiyosaki Says ‘We Are in Global Recession’

Robert Kiyosaki left us all with a bit of a wake-up call this week. He has declared that the global economy is in recession and that it is a good idea to start getting ready to ride out some stormy financial seas. Be sure to start stocking up on canned food and gold if you don’t want to be caught out in the rain!

One Word for Investors – Diversify!

The one key takeaway from the news this week is the importance of diversifying your portfolio. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – if one asset class fails, you don’t want the rest of your investments going down with it. Keep that in mind as you invest – you never know what the future holds!

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All in all, it was an interesting week in the world of investing – between the predicted rise of BTC this year, Elon musking his way around some promises, Kiyosaki ringing the alarm bells and warning of a global recession, and the need to diversify, there sure is a lot to consider. So, stay informed, stay diversified, and make sure you’re prepared – you never know what’s around the corner!

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