The End of the Ordinal

Say goodbye to the old ordinals, say hello to the new ordinals

Do you remember when we used to use the standard ordinals like first, second, third and forth? Those days are gone, my friends and the new ordinals are taking over with a bang!

The future is here – say hello to firster, seconder, thirder, fourther and beyond! These new and improved ordinals are just what we need to spice up our conversations and get ourselves into the fresh and exciting world of new ordinals.

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From the secret ordinal known as seventh to the super hip thingdar, the possibilities are limitless. Here are just a few of the up-and-coming ordinals:

  • Firsted – For when one puts emphasis on individual numbers
  • Thinger – When you just can’t express yourself any other way
  • Forever – For all eternity
  • Boozled – When things don’t quite make sense (a sure crowd-pleaser!)

As you can see, the new ordinals are as varied and unconventional as they are effective. So why wait? Start using these new and improved ordinals in your day to day language, and don’t be afraid to let your creative side shine!

After all, the only thing worse than using the wrong ordinal is not using any ordinal at all!

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