What the Hecc is Going On With These 7,000+ Bitcoin Inscriptions?

We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, and chances are you’ve heard its blockchain been mentioned as well. But what many of us don’t know is that since the blockchain’s launch in 2009, more than 7,000 ordinals inscriptions have been included on the ledger. That’s right, 7,000!

What’s an Ordinals Inscription?

An ordinals inscription is a message that customizes a Bitcoin occurrence, or transaction. It’s a way for users to embed their own personal messages into the blockchain, making the Bitcoin transaction a little more special.

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What Has Been Included?

You’d be surprised what people have been writing in their blockchain messages! According to Bitcoin Transaction Visualization, some of the most common inscriptions have been humorous in nature, such as:

  • “Make Bitcoin great again!”
  • “Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Suck it, haters!”
  • “For the love of coders everywhere.”

Though, there have been some more serious inscriptions as well, such as a wedding vow and partnership agreement.

Why Are People Doing This?

Well, why not? Really, the inscriptions are just a way for Bitcoin users to make a statement, whether that be comedic in nature or a more serious declaration. And, bonus, because blockchain messages are attached to a transaction, the content of the inscription is forever recorded on the ledger. Now that’s some long-lasting content!

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Anything Else?

You betcha! Depending on who you ask, some people think the inscriptions are just plain silly. Others think that the trend is a “unique bloom to the people-powered revolution of Bitcoin.” Plus, some people think the inscriptions could be used as a smart way to market Bitcoin.

What’s the Takeaway?

So there you have it, fellow Bitcoiners, more than 7,000 ordinals inscriptions have found their way onto the blockchain. Whether your opinion of the trend is positive or negative, one thing’s for sure — it’s certainly made this new technology a little more interesting!

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