Big Bank, Big Block: Russia’s Largest Private Bank Takes a Leap into Crypto

It’s no secret that the Russian government isn’t the biggest fan of cryptocurrency, but the country’s largest private bank, Sberbank, is giving crypto a serious chance. On Thursday, the bank announced the launch of its digital asset platform, Sber Digital Exchange, that allows individuals to buy and sell digital currency.

Yes, you read that right! Russia’s largest bank is offering crypto services. Let’s take a look..

The Sber Digital Exchange

The Sber Digital Exchange will offer customers access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin among several other coins. The demand for the services has been overwhelming, with the number of customers registering to use the service already topping 800,000!

The exchange is available on Sberbank’s mobile banking app and allows customers to buy and sell digital currency with relative ease. The platform will also offer a number of features such as an integrated exchange rate tracker, an “Sber Index” that tracks the performance of different digital currencies, and even a “buy and hold” option for those who don’t want to actively trade.

The Benefits of the Exchange

One of the biggest benefits of Sber’s digital asset platform is its lower transaction costs. Because the exchange is integrated with Sberbank’s banking service, the costs of trading are significantly lower than those of third-party exchanges.

The new service is also beneficial for those looking to get involved in digital currencies, but don’t want to risk their money on a third-party platform. The fact that the exchange is integrated with Sberbank’s banking system adds an extra layer of security to financial transactions.

The Bottom Line

Russia’s largest private bank taking a leap into cryptocurrency has been an unexpected but exciting development. With Sber’s digital asset platform, many Russians are now able to enter the world of digital currency with a relative level of trust and security.

Now, all we need is for the Russian government to get on board and the future looks bright indeed – for crypto, if not for puns!