Ark’s Most Outlandish Prediction?

An investor advisory firm, Ark Invest, is raising eyebrows with their recent prediction regarding cryptocurrency.

They believe Bitcoin will become a multi-trillion dollar market and have even predicted the BTC price could “potentially reach an astonishing level of $1 million per BTC in the future.”

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That’s unbelievable, right? Let’s take a look at what else Ark Invest had to say about this incredibly bold prediction:

The Major Prediction

  • Mass adoption of Bitcoin will surge as more businesses accept it as a means of payment
  • Bitcoin’s market capitalization will rise to a level of 21 trillion USD, almost 18 times its present value
  • The maximum possible BTC price at this stage will be around $1.48 million per BTC

It’s alright if your face is stuck in a perpetual look of disbelief. The even really got one of their own team members questioning the prediction, “I just… don’t know. That will be a massive move…”

That said, the investor advisory firm still seems pretty confident in the projections and show no signs of making any retractions.

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How the Market Will Shift

If the multi trillion dollar prediction does in fact come true, there will be some major redistribution of capital. But it’s not all doom and gloom as the current giant firms are poised to benefit as well.

It’d be like a Hollywood blockbuster. Everybody needs to make room for the “new kid” and if that doesn’t happen, the hero’s (Bitcoin) going to have to draw them out into the street for a showdown. *dramatic music*

But seriously, that’s what could potentially happen if Bitcoin market capitalization hits 21 trillion.

The Takeaway

It’s safe to say, Ark Invest is really bullish on Bitcoin. The idea that Bitcoin could reach a jaw dropping $1.48 million per coin is enough to make a crypto enthusiast’s heart flutter.

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Although we’re not saying the projection is a guarantee, it certainly is something to consider.

Either way, it’s clear Ark Invest has their sights on the stars, and that can only mean good things for the future of cryptocurrency.

So, rest assured, Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere soon – maybe even all the way to the moon. *chuckles*

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