Gav, Gav, Who Has the Most Costly Mistake of Them All?

It’s a question, not an invite – and it all revolves around the one and only Gavin Andresen. Gav is the former Bitcoin Dev responsible for revising his 2016 blog post, in which he “calls trust in Craig Wright a ‘mistake’”.

We get it – we’ve all had a few missteps here and there, but something of this magnitude takes the cake. It all started way back in 2016. Gav put a post on his blog that talked about his “experience of meeting and spending time with Craig Wright”. Gav concluded with, “I believe Craig Steven Wright is the person who invented Bitcoin.”

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Now, almost four years later, Gav has released a revised version of his post with a big, bold “Mea Culpa” banner at the top. From that revised post, Gav says “it’s now obvious to me that I was wrong about Craig Wright being the inventor of Bitcoin.”

How Did This Mistake Happen?

Well, if you buy into the conspiracy theories, then you’ll surmise that Gav was perhaps snookered and duped into trusting Craig Wright. However, when it comes to mistakes, we have to take responsibilty for our own actions. So in a more accepting and understanding perspective, it’s possible that Gav, just like anyone else, miscalculated and made incorrect inferences. After all, he put his trust in a person that lied and misled him.

Why Does This Matter Now?

Gav’s mistake warrants attention now because people still tend to believe Craig Wright is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of Bitcoin. Mistakes happen, and Gav gets a pass for this one. It’s 2019 and it has been almost 4 years since Gav’s initial trust in Craig. We can thank Gav for the open-mindedness of his revised blog post, which acts as a reminder that mistakes can be made.

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The Takeaway

* Always be skeptical and open-minded
* Developing smart opinion depends on our ability to recognize and correct mistakes
* Learn from Gav’s misstep

So dear Bitcoiners, there’s just one more thing to learn – that even a mistake as costly as Gav’s can taught us valuable lessons!

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