Holy Crypto Batman! Walmart is Vamping Up the Blockchain Buzz

Do you like skipping the line at the superstore? It looks like Walmart is about to make your shopping experience even more streamlined by filing for new crypto and blockchain trademarks via their partner Sam’s Club.

What Does This Mean?

It looks like the corporate giant isn’t afraid of wading into the crypto and blockchain pool. But what do these trademarks mean?

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Well, at this time, nobody is quite sure. Walmart hasn’t made any official press releases aside from the documents from their tradmark application. We can speculate that Walmart wants to integrate crypto and/or blockchain into their current services, but until Walmart itself releases something, we won’t know for sure.

What is Blockchain?

You hear the word blockchain thrown around a lot these days, but what is it? Blockchain is a technology that records and stores data in a secure and decentralized way. Transactions are timestamped and linked to other transactions to create a permanent, safe record.

What is Crypto?

Crypto stands for cryptocurrency, which is a digital currency safeguarded by cryptography (encryption). Cryptocurrencies are decentralized…meaning they don’t belong to any government or person. Its primary benefit is the lack of government control and regulation.

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Will Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Change Walmart?

The jury is still out on this one – remember, all we currently have are the trademarks, so nobody knows what the company plans to do with them. We can speculate a few things, though – such as:

  • Faster Purchases: Perhaps Walmart plans to use blockchain or crypto technology to speed up purchases like never before!
  • Secure Transactions: Security is key when it comes to online purchases and blockchain/crypto currencies may provide additional security to Walmart transactions.
  • Cheaper Purchases: Cryptocurrencies don’t involve any additional fees or transaction costs, so it may lead to cheaper purchases for consumers.

It looks like we’ll all have to sit tight and wait to see what Walmart has in store for us. All we know is that the future of buying groceries could be changing in a big way.

So don’t be too surprised if you find yourself participating in an exciting new crypto/blockchain shopping venture the next time you visit Walmart. Until then, Merry Crypto and Happy Shopping!

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