Lido Finance Brings Us Closer to Mainnet Launch

Well, well, the Ethereum Shanghai conference is right around the corner and the Lido finance team has just released some exciting details on the team’s next upgrade. Ethereum blockchain has taken a big step forward over the last few weeks with the success of the latest round of releases and upgrades.

The Lido team is ready for the big launch and has released an extensive overhaul of the network’s infrastructure. While this upgrade is super exciting, let’s break down all the juicy details so you can decide if Lido Finance is the right platform for you.

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New Features Being Added:

  1. New Funds: Expansion of the current set of funds available, including the latest crop of Ethereum-based staking tokens and new DeFi protocols.
  2. Performance Improvements: Optimized resource usage for better node performance and improved UX for users of decentralized apps.
  3. Verification Layer: Anyone can verify that smart contracts have not been tampered with and that a node is working as expected.
  4. Unified User Interface: All product features are accessible from a unified dashboard. Now, users can see all the information they need in one place!
  5. Expansion of Protocols: DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO, Uniswap, Compound, Aave and more are integrated so users can provide liquidity, lend and borrow.

And Now, Let’s Mooooove It!

So, these are some pretty exciting new features! The Lido team has been hard at work to ensure that the upcoming mainnet launch will be smooth and secure. Now, all that’s left is to wrap up these last few details before we can all mooooove onto the mainnet launch with all these new features!

The Ethereum Shanghai Conference is coming up soon and we can’t wait to see what Lido Finance has in store. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements in the upcoming weeks!

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