Blockstream Pokes Fun at Wall Street Institutions with New Research Team Dedicated to Bitcoin Innovation

Blockstream, the leading blockchain infrastructure and application provider, recently created a “Research” organization dedicated to enhancing the Bitcoin network. This makes Blockstream the first company to really poke fun at traditional Wall Street institutions, who famously have “Research” teams dedicated to figuring out the latest trends in the stock market.

What is Blockstream’s Dedication to Bitcoin?

Blockstream’s dedication to bitcoin innovation has been clear since its inception in 2014. Their core mission is to promote “commercial as well as technical adoption” of bitcoin and other digital assets.

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Blockstream’s newest creation, their Bitcoin Research team, focuses on finding solutions to improve the existing Bitcoin network. The research team is made up of a diverse group of engineers and scientists with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Bitcoin development, cryptography, software engineering and economics.

What will the Research Team Accomplish?

The Blockstream’s team ultimate goal is to research ways to streamline Bitcoin transactions and make them faster than ever before. They plan to “develop new technologies, protocols, and applications that build on the Bitcoin protocol.”

Leading the research team is professor Mary Mallark, a respected economist, who will work with a team of experts to create new products and applications to decentralize traditional financial systems. Her expertise in economics and finance should prove to be invaluable in helping Blockstream achieve its goal of creating a financially secure and efficient future.

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What are the Benefits of Blockstream’s Research Team?

The main benefit to Blockstream’s team is introducing innovative solutions to the Bitcoin network. Other potential benefits include:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the Bitcoin network – Blockstream’s team aims to make transactions quicker and reduce transaction fees.
  • Creating an open-source protocol – Blockstream’s research team is focused on creating an open-source protocol that enables developers to continue innovating within the Bitcoin network.
  • Giving more control to Bitcoin users – Blockstream’s team will look to develop products and services to give more power and control to users, allowing them to make smarter decisions with their Bitcoin holdings.

The Real Benefit

Of course, the real benefit to all of this is that it puts a smile on our faces when we think about traditional Wall Street institutions researching Bitcoin-related solutions. We can’t help but wonder what the reactions of these institutions will be when Blockstream’s research team takes the lead in developing cutting-edge solutions for the Bitcoin network.

To us, that’s just priceless.

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