Whales Go Shopping with Bitcoin, and It’s a Big Deal

The Bitcoin world is abuzz —literally. Whales, those large collective investors that make big moves in the crypto space, have been going on a spending spree lately, causing the current spike in Bitcoin outflows.

Why Should We Care About the Bitcoin Outflows?

Basically, it’s a big deal when whales start to move their Bitcoin because it means major changes in the market — usually for the better. When whales start buying up large amounts, it tells us that there’s a lot of faith in the future of Bitcoin.

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Whales Behaving Badly

The whales have been misbehaving a bit lately, gambling in the Bitcoin market with massive amounts of coins and moving them around like a game. But, hey, when you’re a big fish, you can do pretty much what you want, right?

What Can We Learn From the Whale’s Shopping Spree?

If the Bitcoin whales are confidently shopping around, it’s a great sign for the future of Bitcoin. Sure, it may seem a bit frivolous, but it goes to show that investors have faith in the cryptocurrency.

Plus, it’s pretty entertaining to watch.

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Are you Ready to Shop with Your Bitcoin?

If you’ve got some Bitcoin, why not join in the fun and start shopping with it? Here’s a list of things you can buy with Bitcoin:

  • Travel: Book a flight or hotel room with Expedia, CheapAir, or Destinia
  • Gift Cards: Shop with Gyft and buy Amazon and iTunes gift cards
  • Food: Order pizza or sushi from PizzaforCoins.com and AllSushi.io
  • Clothes: Buy clothes and accessories with Overstock and Purse.io

So grab your coin wallet, and let’s go shopping with a whale!

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