BTCPay Server Just Got Even Better!

All you crypto merchants out there, it’s time to get excited. BTCPay server just got an upgrade and it is making it easier (and more secure) than ever to accept payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The latest addition is the WabiSabi CoinJoin plugin. What this plugin does is it provides an extra layer of privacy and security to the transactions that occur. This is a huge win for merchants who want to give their customers more privacy while still being able to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

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Why This is So Exciting

  • By default, Bitcoin transactions are not as private as many would like.
  • The WabiSabi CoinJoin plugin makes it difficult for outside parties to see who is transacting with who, so you can be sure your customers’ privacy is always protected.
  • It doesn’t cost merchants anything extra or require any special setup to use this plugin – it works seamlessly with BTCPay servers.

This is honestly amazing news! We already knew that BTCPay was a great way to accept payments online, but now it is even better with the added privacy offered by the WabiSabi CoinJoin plugin.

If you’re a merchant who wants to accept crypto payments, BTCPay is your best bet. And now with the added protection provided by WabiSabi CoinJoin, you can rest assured that your customers’ privacy is always safeguarded.

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