Long Form: Why Detailed Narratives Are Necessary For Telling Bitcoin Stories

Let’s face it, Bitcoin can be a bit of a bore. Slogging through the precise yet technical diction of the white paper or trying to wade through the complex algorithms used in the software can really make you feel like you want to bury your head in the sand. But, a long detailed narrative can make the world of Bitcoin come alive!

The Deep Dive

Did you know Satoshi Nakamoto used more than just Bitcoin? They also incorporated into the software a groundbreaking consensus mechanism called the Proof of Work algorithm. This genius move was validated when the cryptocurrency emerged as the first decentralized digital currency uses for peer-to-peer transactions.

The Full Picture

Any story about Bitcoin will warrant a deeper investigation that focusses on the community rather than the individual. Eliciting the mood, dialogue and overall feel of the community is essential for conveying the importance of the digital currency, how it impacts commerce and its effects on the financial and technology industry.

What Else Should We Include?

To paint a full picture of the Bitcoin revolution, your narrative needs to include aspects such as:

  • The Curious: Who are the people behind the innovation that make Bitcoin and other digital assets possible?
  • The Revolutionary: How is this new technology is transforming the world and how it is changing business as we know it?
  • The Protagonists: Who are the inspiring individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations who have embraced Bitcoin and other digital assets?


Many tales have already been told about Bitcoin, but a detailed narrative designed to capture the spirit and innovation of digital currencies will never grow old. By telling stories which focus on the people, culture and societal implications of digital currencies, we can finally get to the bottom of this revolutionary digital asset.