Crypto App Relai Raises a Cool 4.5 Million – Look Out Jeff Booth’s Ego Death Capital!

Looks like Swiss crypto app Relai has some extra “coin” to throw around now that it has raised a cool $4.5 million in a seed round led by Jeff Booth’s “Ego Death Capital”.

Relai is a Swiss cryptocurrency exchange that makes buying and selling Bitcoin easy and secure. It has attracted investors with its fast and user-friendly interface, which requires only an email address and phone number to sign up.

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What’s so Special About Relai?

What makes Relai stand out from other crypto exchanges is its high levels of customer registration privacy. Using the app, users’ data is anonymized. This means even if someone ask for it, Relai can’t share it. On top of that, all its users’ trading funds are held in insurance protected cold storage accounts – so no hacker will be getting their hands on them any time soon.

But there’s one thing we’re still trying to figure out – the name. Ego Death Capital? Surely it raises the bar for capitalists everywhere. A little eye-rolling aside, we can applaud Relai for innovating in an emerging space, and for raising a decent amount of coinage for itself.

What Are They Going to do With The Money?

Relai’s team wants to use the money to:

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  • Further develop its mobile app in order to improve customer experience.
  • Expand their customer support and provide even better customer service to its users
  • Focus on scaling its customer acquisitions activities.

We can’t wait to see what Relai has in store for the crypto-jungle. We also hope Jeff Booth’s Ego death Capital will live up to its name and let us mere mortals benefit from Relai’s success. Time will tell…

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