Alameda Research Cashes In On Sequoia “Money Tree” Investment

Alameda Research just announced that it has acquired a hefty round of Series B investment from the venture capital behemoth Sequoia Capital. Rest assured, the folks at Alameda Research have enough money to buy snacks to last them the next millennium!

Record Breaking Series B

The investment is a massive Series B round that totals $12M. And when I say massive, I mean it’s the largest Series B round ever for a cryptocurrency-focused startup. No small feat for a team of 25 and no doubt a reason for the Sequoia Capital money tree pickers to crack open a bottle of champagne (or ten!).

What Makes Alameda Research So Special

What sets Alameda Research apart from other crypto-focused startups is that it provides market makers and liquidity providers with the necessary technology for making their trading strategies more efficient. In practice, this means that they help traders better capture profits in the ever-evolving crypto markets.

The Team

The team behind Alameda Research is made up of a number of industry veterans and experienced financial professionals. For example, the CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, is a former Wall Street quant and the CTO, Kevin Pan, is a former Google engineer. All of this experience has no doubt helped the team create a successful product with the help of Sequoia Capital.


All in all, it’s great to see Alameda Research get the recognition it deserves after putting in the hard work. Congratulations to the team for cashing in on the Sequoia Money Tree and we wish them the best of luck with whatever is next. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to plant my own money tree. Wish me luck!