River And Bitcoin Magazine Make A ‘Lightning’ Partnership!

Are you feeling down about the slow pace of bitcoin adoption? Have no fear – River and Bitcoin Magazine have teamed up to speed up the process! Today, they announced a historic ‘Lightning’ partnership, which will surely light a fire under the slow mass adoption of the beloved cryptocurrency.

What Is This ‘Lightning Partnership’?

River and Bitcoin Magazine are joining forces to spread the good word about bitcoin! They plan to raise awareness and education of the cryptocurrency, and explain to people why bitcoin is worth investing in. They’ll be organizing events and sharing knowledge about the cryptocurrency, to show people how user friendly it is and why it’s so popular.

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What Will We See From This Partnership?

This partnership is focused on accelerating the adoption of bitcoin. Here’s some of the things we can expect to see over the coming months:

  • Intensive marketing campaigns to raise awareness of bitcoin.
  • Educational events to show people how user friendly bitcoin is.
  • Tutorials to help new users get started with bitcoin.
  • Exclusive discounts on services using bitcoin.
  • Monthly webinars to discuss bitcoin topics and trends.

Where To Find Out More?

For more info about this exciting ‘Lightning’ partnership, check out River and Bitcoin Magazine’s website and social media accounts – you’ll get all the details about the upcoming events and campaigns!

So don’t be disheartened about the slow adoption of bitcoin – with this ‘Lightning’ partnership, it looks like we’re moving full steam ahead towards mass adoption. All aboard the crypto express!

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