THNDR Games Takes Gaming To A Whole New Level With Release Of Newest Crypto Earning Game and Reputation System

Are you hoping your gaming skills can pay the rent? Look no further, THNDR Games has just released the game Nostr and you are sure to be impressed.

Earn Cryptocurrency While You Play

Have you ever wanted to be able to play a game and make money whilst doing it? Well, now you can! In Nostr, gamers are given the opportunity to compete for rewards in in-game cryptocurrency. You can earn Bitcoin, or opt to purchase a “mining” character to help you rake in even more rewards.

Build Up Your Gaming Reputation

That’s not all – THNDR Games has also crafted an innovative gaming reputation system. Players take turns competing for a spot on the leader board, and the ones with the best scores will be given higher rankings. This system not only rewards players for winning, but encourages everyone to improve their skills and work together in order to get the best scores.

Fun Times Are Waiting

Overall, this new game is sure to make your gaming experience more exciting and engaging. Not only that, but we’re sure you’ll be hooked up with the Bitcoin rewards that can be earned! So what are you waiting for? Start playing Nostr today and start building up your gaming reputation and earning some crypto along the way!.