Luke Dashjr’s Having a Hard Time Saying ‘No’

Cryptocurrency is blazing a trail in the tech world, and Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr is at the helm of it all. With so many projects popping up looking for someone like Luke to help bring them to life, it’s no wonder he’s having a tough time saying no. Here’s a look at Luke’s struggle to stay true to himself and his goals.

Turning Down Projects

Luke is no stranger to having a lot of incoming requests for help and collaboration. He’s had to become a master at turning down projects that don’t fit his goals. In the past, Luke has declined offers to work on projects such as the second layer of Bitcoin Cash and SegWit. He’s also turned down bitcoin-based company proposals and any project that seeks to use his name as a sort of endorsement with little to actually gain from it.

Taking Time to Think it Over

Luke Dashjr is known for taking a step back and really evaluating each proposal on its own. Even though some ideas are exciting and could prove to be financially rewarding, he is careful not to get too carried away. Instead of jumping in head first, Luke takes the time to really think it over and decide whether or not the project is in line with his vision and goals.

What the Future Holds

With the industry being so new and vast, Luke doesn’t see himself slowing down anytime soon. He’s already working on some projects within Bitcoin Core and is looking forward to expanding his efforts as technology and the industry continue to evolve. So even though he has to turn down a few opportunities here and there, Luke still views this period as an exciting time and is looking forward to what the future holds.

Luke’s Advice

Although he doesn’t have hard and fast rules for saying yes or no, Luke has offered some advice to those trying to follow in his footsteps:

  • Don’t rush into anything. Take the time to really think about the project and the risks.
  • Make sure the end goal aligns with your vision. Don’t get caught up with the hype and don’t just say yes for the money.
  • Be comfortable saying no. If a project doesn’t fit with your goals, it’s okay to say no. It’s better to stay true to yourself then give in to pressure.

At the end of the day, Luke’s project selection process is definitely something to be admired. He’s proven time and time again that he’s aware of himself and his goals and is willing to put in the work to stay true to them.