Swimming in the Crypto Lake of Guatemala

It’s summer and there’s nothing more exciting than finding an adventure. Recently, I embarked on one of the most unique experiences in my life – being a volunteer at the Bitcoin Lake project in Guatemala.

What is Bitcoin Lake?

Bitcoin Lake is a project that helps bring economic opportunities to the poorer citizens of Guatemala by giving them access to the world of cryptocurrency. The project creates a lake of liquidity made up of Bitcoin and other digital tools, helping people start businesses, pay for goods, and more.

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My Experience With the Project

In my few months as a volunteer for Bitcoin Lake, I got to witness first-hand the power of cryptocurrency to tackle poverty and open up access to new opportunities. I’m sure I learned more than I can possibly recall, but here are some highlights from my time by the crypto lake:

  • Crypto is not complicated. Despite what naysayers claim, cryptocurrency is not complicated. People don’t need to be tech-experts to understand how it works or why it could help them. In my time with the project, I saw people quickly grasping the basics of digital coins and wallets.
  • Uses Beyond Trading. We all know you can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to buy and sell things, but there are so much more. A Guatamalian farmer, for example, could use it to send payments to their counterpart in Mexico, and otherwise unable to use fiat currencies.
  • Impact is Far Reaching. Between data security and access to funds, things like Bitcoin Lake can have an impact on individuals, entire communities, and entire countries.

Closing Remarks

Overall, my time as a volunteer at Bitcoin Lake was truly incredible. I got to witness first-hand how the power of cryptocurrency can benefit some of the world’s poorest, in ways unimaginable even a few years ago. If you’re looking for an adventure with a greater cause, coming up with and working on a project like this may be the right choice for you!

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