Ukraine, You Got Binance Now

After the recent dust-up between Binance and the SEC, it looks like the crypto exchange is suddenly brushing up its resume. How do we know? Well, turns out Binance is now on board with Ukraine’s security agents as a mentor! Yup, Binance is training the police and security agents on cyber-security with their experience. Let’s take a closer look.

The Binance-Ukraine Connection

It’s said that the National Police of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine have inked a deal with Binance to receive training and education on cyber-security. With some of the best experts on cyber-security, Binance is going to impart their experience and knowledge in the coming months.
The deal looks to strengthen Ukraine’s cyber-security capabilities and ensure all data from citizens is kept safe and secure.

Binance’s Push for Education

Binance isn’t new to education. In fact, the Binance Charity Foundation, which was founded in 2018, is all about providing educational support to countries and children in need. Yet the exchange seems to extending their charitable act to the security forces of countries as well.

Benefits of Binance Training

Now, what exactly does this Binance-Ukraine agreement mean for the country? Turns out there’s quite the list of benefits:

  • Technology: With its expertise in blockchain, Binance is likely to advance Ukraine’s capabilities in the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of cyber-security.
  • Experience: Binance has seen some of the latest waves in the crypto industry. With their up to date knowledge, they can analyze the situation much quicker than anyone else.
  • Resources: With the crypto exchange’s resources at hand, Ukraine will be much better prepared to responding to potential threats or mitigate any.

Time for Ukraine to Step Up

So, Ukraine looks to be getting a new friend in town. But the question remains: Is Ukraine ready to step up to the challenge and make the best of this opportunity? Looks like the country will soon find out – and hopefully, it’ll only be for the better.