Brad Garlinghouse Encourages Ripple Community in Wake of SVB Collapse

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently offered words of solace to the Ripple Community following the news of the collapse of the Seychelles-based securities lending platform SVB.

The Collapse

On Monday, SVB abruptly announced it had closed its doors and was ceasing to operate. The platform was used to facilitate loans for crypto projects, including Ripple, whose XRP cryptocurrency was accepted by the company as collateral for its loans.

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Garlinghouse’s Message

In a Twitter post, Brad attempted to curb widespread anxiety by reassuring XRP holders that the long-term success of Ripple depends on the strength of its community, not SVB:

“No need to worry, the Ripple community is stronger than ever. SVB may be gone, but we will continue to thrive and be successful. #ripplecommunity.”

Here’s What We Can Take Away

While the collapse of SVB may have caused some Ripple investors to fret, Brad’s words have helped to turn things around. Here’s what we can all take away from this unfortunate event:

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  • A strong community is essential for the long-term success of any crypto project.
  • Having the support of the project’s leaders is also key for maintaining a cohesive and engaged community.
  • The Ripple team is committed to making sure their investors feel secure and valued.


The Ripple community has come out of this incident with a renewed sense of hope, thanks to Brad’s timely and reassuring words. We can only hope that other crypto projects will follow suit and demonstrate similar levels of commitment to their investors.

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