Nissan Gets Ready to put the Pedal to the Metalral in the Metaverse

Nissan is putting its pedal to the metal and getting ready to enter the Metaverse with trademark filings, and restlessness sales testing. Is it the right move for the auto maker?

Filing Trademarks and Making the Move Into the Metaverse

We’ve all heard about the hottest new thing, the Metaverse. It’s got virtual and augmented worlds where you can do anything from shopping, vacationing, and even attend music festivals. Nissan has been doing their research and taking steps to get their toe in the virtual sandbox.

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They’ve filed a trademark for NISMO, a Japanese phrase meaning “racing spirit,” which implies the company may be planning to bring their well-known racing division into the Metaverse. Nissan is also planning on using trademarks for “Nico” and “Aurizen”, suggesting they could be virtual meets real world combinations.

We can only start to speculate what Nissan will do with names like NISMO and Nico, but whatever they do in the metaverse, you can be sure it will have a lot of “drift served on the side”.

Testing the Waters With Restlessness Sales

Nissan is wasting no time testing the waters. They’ve launched a “restlessness sale” in which drivers can purchase virtual cars for their avatars in the metaverse instantly thanks to a new virtual currency called “RestlessCoins”.

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It’s a bold move into an uncharted territory and the potential is huge. We’ve already started to see virtual cars being used in races and virtual racing leagues, so who knows what the future holds?

So: Is Nissan in the Right Gear?

Is Nissan in the right gear by moving into the Metaverse? We think it could be. It’s clear that the auto maker is taking steps to ensure they don’t miss out on upcoming opportunities, and with its well-known racing brand, Nissan has the perfect opportunity to make a big play in virtual worlds.

It’s an exciting time for the auto industry, and Nissan is doing its best to make sure it’s leading the pack. We’re looking forward to seeing how their restlessness sale does and what new innovations come from their trademark filings. So, buckle up and get ready for the ride – Nissan is about to take the Metaverse for a spin!

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