Ordinal Community Shows Its Generosity in a Big Way

The Ordinals community is feeling generous—especially after it donated a whopping $19,000 to the HRF Bitcoin Development Fund!

Why the Extraordinary Donation?

We all know the Ordinals community loves Bitcoin and the concept of decentralized cryptocurrency. That’s why they chose to make the immense donation to the HRF Bitcoin Development Fund. The idea behind the donation is to help enable long-term growth of the Bitcoin technology and network.

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How Will the Donation Be Used?

The funds are expected to be used to:

  • Train developers on the fundamentals of Bitcoin protocol development,
  • Support the maintenance of existing open source development tools and libraries,
  • R&D involved with Bitcoin innovation, and
  • Offer grants and scholarships for new open source Bitcoin projects.

The HRF Bitcoin Development Fund is a great initiative that supports the development of Bitcoin technology and its use in society. We can only expect more exciting things to come out of it!

Show Your Support for the Ordinals Donation

The awesome folks over at the Ordinals community have gone above and beyond in their support of Bitcoin technology. We can all show our appreciation by donating to the HRF Bitcoin Development Fund #HRFBitcoinDevFund. Who knows? Maybe you can be the one to take it over the $20,000 mark.

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Go ahead and show your support—donate today and help Bitcoin reach its true potential!

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