Argentines Digging Digital Payments

It sure looks like a lot of folks in Argentina are shunning cash for the convenience of digital and QR payments. According to a recent survey, the trend is growing across the country!

The Stats Don’t Lie

Here’s the scoop: the survey found that:

  • Four out of five Argentines have stopped using cash to pay for things in the last five years.
  • Halfof all adults use digital or QR payments regularly.
  • A thirdbuy things online with digital wallets.
  • Two out of threeregularly pay with QR codes.

So it’s clear Argentineans are saying farewell to cash and embracing digital payments with gusto!

Cash, Not So King After All?

These stats may come as a surprise to some. After all, Argentina has long been seen as a “cash culture”. But it looks like that’s changing fast.

Digital Payments the Convenient Choice

It appears easy use and convenience has won the day. After all, who can blame anyone for opting for the ease of digital payments? With some of Argentina’s top digital wallets boasting up to 16,000+ merchants and online stores, it seems digital payments are more popular than ever!

A Bright Digital Future

The survey results make one thing crystal clear: Argentina is keen to embrace the digital payments revolution! With more and more Argentines favouring digital and QR payments, this trend looks set to go from strength to strength!

Let’s see how long it is before we find ourselves in a cashless Argentina. That would be something to see!