Say Goodbye to TUSD, You Won’t be Missed

The sad news of the recent demise of TerraUSD has hit the cryptocurrency market like a yoyo, going up and down like a stormy summer’s day. While it’s always sad to see the death of a project, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise in this case. After all, the founding team had reportedly been under investigation from the U.S. Justice Department since May.

The State of TerraUSD

TerraUSD, a so-called “stablecoin” – an asset that is intended to always retain its value against the dollar – had been on a downward spiral for some time.

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Apparently, the team behind the initiative had made many promises that it was unable to keep. This started a chain reaction of events that eventually led to the crypto project’s collapse. In May, the US Justice Department began an investigation into the project which only further fueled the fire and the project ended up being delisted from a number of exchanges.

Justice at Last?

It’s a relief to hear that the DOJ is now actively investigating what happened with TerraUSD because it’s important that companies are held accountable for their actions. Hopefully, the DOJ will be able to shed some light on the debacle and ensure that there are consequences for any wrongdoing.

Moving Forward

Regardless of what happens with the DOJ investigation, it’s likely that TerraUSD is gone for good. The team behind it has divided and there isn’t much hope of reviving a project that was already running out of steam.

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But it looks like this might be a blessing in disguise. As bad news as it is, by removing a bad actor it could in turn create a better environment for other projects. This sends a signal that teams need to be responsible and accountable, and that failure to do so will not be tolerated.

Good Riddance TUSD!

From all of us here, we have to say good riddance to TerraUSD. Although it’s sad to see any project go, we hope that the DOJ investigation will provide answers and help to pave the way for better, more responsible projects in the future. Now, let’s all work together to make sure the same doesn’t happen to the rest of the crypto community!


  • Stay informed about the projects you’re investing in.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Hold teams accountable for their actions.
  • And, be sure to wear your sunglasses so you don’t get blinded by the next yoyo!

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