Argo Blockchain is Telling Silvergate and SVB: Don’t Call Us, We Won’t Call You!

It’s a common fear for an investor: getting scammed by their own bank. But for Argo Blockchain, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency miners, there’s no need to worry. They recently announced that they have zero exposure to Silvergate Bank (SNB) and SVB, two large US finance institutions.

So how can a multi-million dollar company protecting its customers from these two big banks? Here’s why.

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Argo’s Committment to Transparency

Argo’s first priority is to **always maintain transparency.** Because of this, they have a system that requires complete details on all of their financial transactions – and information on who the counterparty is. SVB and SNB are two of the largest banks operating out of the US, and they have been known to have shady practices.

No Exposure Means No Risk

Argo doesn’t want their customers to be exposed to any possible risk that SVB and SNB might present. To do this, the company has made sure to avoid any contact with these two banks. The company does not even use them as a payment processor, which would create further exposure. All in all, Argo’s commitment to transparency means your money is in safe hands.

The Final Verdict

For those of us looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, the most important factor is safety – and Argo Blockchain has that covered. With their commitment to transparency, they have avoided any exposure to SVB and SNB:

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  • They don’t use the banks as payment processors.
  • They require complete details on all of their transactions.
  • They maintain transparency throughout the entire process.

In the end, Argo Blockchain is proving to be a strong and reliable choice for investing in cryptocurrencies. So, you can rest assured that your money is safe when using Argo Blockchain – no matter what bank it is routed through. Now, that’s something worth celebrating!

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