Polkadot Pairs With Beatport To Bringing Some Sick Rhythms On Chain

Festivals, lederhosen, and yodeling? Oh, you thought we were referring to Germany? Nope, sorry – we’re talking about blockchain! Polkadot, a blockchain network, has just teamed up with Beatport, the popular electronic music platform, to bring EDM (electronic dance music, for all you ‘normies’ out there) onto the blockchain.

What Does This Mean?

It means that Polkadot will be the underlying choice for an EDM-specific blockchain built on their technology. Illicit downloads, identity theft, and don’t even get us started on streaming royalties… all of these issues are prevalent in the music industry. By using the blockchain, issues like these will become much more manageable.

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Crypto and EDM, a Match Made in Heaven?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been slowly bleeding into the music industry over time and it looks like EDM has finally grabbed their attention. This is no surprise if you’ve ever watched a DJ spin – fiery light shows, heart-pumping beats, and those trusty blockchain beats. We just can’t get enough!

Making EDM Tech-Friendly

It’s no wonder that Polkadot and Beatport have decided to come together. Beatport could benefit from the security, accountability, and creativity that the blockchain offers, while Polkadot stands to gain from the tech-savviness that comes from having a platform like Beatport on board.

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What Can We Expect?

This pairing is still in the early stages, but one can expect some awesome things! Here’s a list of the potential possibilities we’re looking forward to:

  • Digital Downloads: DJs across the globe will be able to use the blockchain to offer digital downloads, with more control over royalties and security.
  • Paid Streams and Subscriptions: Music fans will be able to get access to exclusive streams and subscriptions using cryptocurrency payment options.
  • The Music Revolution: Get ready for a music revolution. We can expect to see innovative and exciting projects at the intersection of blockchain and EDM!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blockchain implementation in the music industry. As this technology like grows, we’re sure to see some interesting pairings in the future. Till then, get ready to party hard and get your blockchain on!

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