The Pokémon Company Might Be Preparing to Make Moves in the Metaverse – Cue the ‘Gotta Catch Em All’ Memes

The rumors are flying – Pokémon Company is reportedly gearing up to enter the Metaverse. But what will happen when Pikachu and his friends make the jump?

What is the Metaverse?

It’s a virtual space created through the convergence of digital and physical worlds. Think of it as the perfect mix of augmented and virtual reality to create an immersive digital experience. Basically, it’s the Internet of the future.

Are We Gonna See Pokémon in the Metaverse?

That’s the million dollar question. If the rumors are true, then Pokémon Company will make its move into the Metaverse soon. But what exactly that move will be is up for debate – will it be an official game or will it be something much more?

What Will Pokémon Company Bring to the Party?

It’s undeniable that Pokemon has a huge fanbase, so the potential for a great game or experience is definitely there. Some potentials include:

  • An official Pokémon game – players would get to explore the Metaverse and battle with Pokemon characters in a fully realized 3D world.
  • An official Pokémon store – players would be able to buy and trade in-game items and Pokémon character models.
  • A virtual world – players would be able to explore the Pokémon world and interact with other players in a persistent online environment.

So, Will Pikachu Really Catch Em All?

Only time will tell if the rumors are true, but if Pokémon Company does enter the Metaverse, it’s sure to make some big waves. And, let’s face it, it’s going to be fun watching Pikachu and his friends try to catch ’em all!