Welcome to Flipside of the Coin: US Inflation Data Eases Concerns; Crypto Economy Jumps 11% Higher While Market Analysts Anticipate Fed’s Next Decision

It was a momentous day on the financial markets as investors worldwide, finally felt some relief. After months of worrisome growth in inflation, the US consumer price data, or CPI, has finally shown signs of stabilizing, putting to rest some of the fears of growing inflation.

The news was welcomed off with a flurry of excitement due to its implications for the US economy. In addition, the stock market saw a brief uptick in response.

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Crypto Economy on the Other Hand Jumps 11% Higher

While Wall Street was busy celebrating the news, the crypto-space has been busy making waves of its own. Over the past 24 hours, the entire crypto economy has jumped an impressive 11% higher than it was before.

Led primarily by Bitcoin and Ethereum – both of which have also seen healthy price returns – the cryptoeconomy has shown that it is still thriving, despite ongoing concerns about its longevity.

Market Analysts Eye the Fed’s Upcoming Move

As the crypto economy flourishes, the eyes of Wall Street and the rest of the world have now shifted to the Fed and its upcoming decision on rates. Currently, there are conflicting opinions on whether the Fed should raise or lower rates, but whatever the decision may be, it will surely have a huge impact on the markets.

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In the meantime, however, investors can enjoy the lull in the storm as the US CPI data has eased some of the major inflation concerns.

A Word of Warning

That being said, it is important to remember that no single data release should be considered as the ultimate determinant of where a market is headed. As always, it is important to stay informed and focused on a variety of data points, so as to be sure about what the future holds.

At the end of the day, the only thing clear is that the markets are very unpredictable and there is no telling what will happen next. So in case you feel like taking that champagne out of your fridge, it may be wise to put it back in there for now and wait for what the future brings.

Happy trading friends!

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