OMG, Bitcoin Becomes 12th Largest Asset by Valuation, Surpassing Visa!! WORD.

Woaahhh, it happened again – Bitcoin just leap-frogged its way to becoming the 12th largest asset worldwide by valuation, surpassing Visa’s market capitalization of $465.51 billion. Yeah, *breathes in*.

Although the cryptocurrency has been around since Satushi Nakamoto first released its whitepaper in 2008, its still amazeballs that a completely digital, decentralized currency has no problem jockeying its way to the top.

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But what makes this especially amazing? Let’s take a look:

Big Names Fortune 500 Got Nothing on Bitcoin

Visa has been around for FIFTY YEARS, and despite being based around fiat, its commercial reach and customer recognition is broad and unrivaled. On the other hand, Bitcoin has barely reached its adolescence. Its risen to fame rapidly, and continuing to gain new takers despite its short lifespan and justifiably over-hyped volatility.

From A Little $0 to Nearly HALF A Trillion Dollars

Bitcoin’s journey from its first purchase at Papa John’s pizza ten years ago, to being valued more than the Starbucks corporation, is a testament to its resilience and customer trustworthiness.

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At the same time, its been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, with reports of its value skyrocketing one minute and completely crashing the next. Just recently, Bitcoin’s network problems were more tech news than financial news.

Bitcoin Still on the Rise

Despite its fluctuations in price and popularity, traders, investors, and potential adopters alike show no signs of relenting. As it continues to build out diverse use cases and developer support, it does seem as if Bitcoin will stay in the top tiers for centuries to come in a like for like comparison.

Hail Bitcoin, The Lord of the Monetary Universe

While we can’t be sure yet of Bitcoin becoming the globally parallelized decentralized medium of exchange, there’s no doubt that it’s made a huge impact on the way we think about and use money.

As the competition for the top seat in the asset market continues, let us take some time to recognize Bitcoin for surpassing 11 of the biggest names in the world, and surely more in the future.

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Our Bitcoin Wrap Up

So when it comes to Bitcoin, one thing is certain – it doesn’t fail to amaze and surprise. Every single time.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us

  • Do you think Bitcoin will continue to rise?
  • What do you think of it surpassing Visa’s market cap?
  • Where do you think Bitcoin will top out?

Let us know in the comments section below.!!

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