ChipMixer Closes Its Doors After Run In with the Law

Well, well, well! ChipMixer, one of the darkweb’s most reputable crypto money laundering services, has gotten itself in a bit of a pickle. The US and German authorities recently shut down the company’s operations, resulting in a financial upheaval for many of its customers.

Goodbye ChipMixer, We Hardly Knew Ye

ChipMixer, founded by a group of digital currency privacy enthusiasts, started it’s journey in 2019 and quickly became the go-to place for those looking to hide their digital financial activities. In just 2 years, ChipMixer had achieved immense popularity and was referred to as the ‘largest crypto “laundromat” on the darkweb’.

Turns Out the Law Catches Up with Everyone

Unfortunately, no criminal enterprise can keep going forever, and eventually the authorities took notice of ChipMixer and decided to take action. On June 8th, 2021, US and German authorities apprehended 4 people in connection with the company’s illegal activities, and seized a large portion of ChipMixer’s crypto assets.

It Was Fun While it Lasted

The news of ChipMixer’s demise came as a shock to many of its customers. Despite being illegal, the service provided a unique service that other digital currency services lacked. It gave users a way to anonymously transfer money and keep their digital footprints hidden from the authorities, something which was invaluable to many people in the world of darknet activities.

What Comes After?

Although ChipMixer is no longer up and running, there are other crypto money laundering services out there that can fulfill its role. Here’s a quick list of some of the alternatives available:

  • Helix Light: Offers a service where your coins are mixed with other users coins, so it becomes difficult to trace.
  • Bit Blender: An anonymous bitcoin mixer focused on protecting the privacy of users.
  • PrizmMixer: A platform that allows you to mix multiple cryptocurrencies with just one transaction.
  • Coin mixer: A platform that provides anonymous and secure bitcoin and cryptocurrency mixing.

Farewell ChipMixer, We’ll Miss You

While it is laudable that the authorities have cracked down on a nefarious organization such as ChipMixer, a part of us can’t help but feel a little bit sad at its demise. Though it was a shady entity, it provided a service that is valuable to many people. We can take solace in the fact that there are still other crypto money laundering services out there that can provide the same service. Until then, farewell ChipMixer! We hardly knew ye.