Oh No, Meta’s Making Layoffs!

Looks like the Metaverse’s largest company is in a bit of trouble. They’ve announced that they’re going to be making 10,000 layoffs in a quest to become more “efficient”. It’s a tough day at the office for some of the most long-time Meta employees.

Curious AI Over Metaverse Move

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Meta has apparently “singled out AI over Metaverse as the ‘largest investment'”. We’re not sure what to make of this move, as many of its employees were hoping for the opposite.

Speaking of AI…

It looks like Meta is aiming to cut costs by finding more efficient ways to do things and do more with less. But, they seem more focused on AI and automation than anything else. It’s a curious move, especially when robots are taking away jobs left and right.

Humorless ‘Year of Efficiency’

Meta has dubbed this year the ‘Year of Efficiency’ in a move that would have been hilarious if it were an Onion headline. Unfortunately, for the thousands that are about to be laid off, it’s anything but funny.

What Now?

At the end of the day, Meta has to do what it can to make sure it stays afloat. But, it’s never easy to hear about this kind of news, especially if you were one of the unfortunate 10,000.

How You Can Help

If you want to help those that are affected by the layoffs, here are a few ideas:

1. Get Involved With Local Organizations

There are a lot of local organizations that helping those who have been affected by layoffs. Get in touch with a few of these and see if there’s anything you can do to help.

2. Lend Your Skills

If you have any special skills, you can also offer them up to help those in need. Whether it’s writing, programming, or marketing, you may be able to help someone out who’s been affected by these layoffs.

3. Show Compassion

At the end of the day, the most important thing you can do is to show compassion and understanding. Lots of people are going to be hurting right now, and a few kind words could make all the difference.

Let’s hope all of the unfortunate 10,000 find new opportunities ASAP.