Ripple Gets the Last Laugh: Voyager Judge Could Help Legitimize XRP in Eyes of SEC

The legal fight between Ripple and the SEC may have gotten a little more complicated recently. A federal judge has now called into question the SEC’s allegation that XRP is an unregistered security, which could provide Ripple with another victory on its legal battlefield.

Judge’s Opinion Raises Eyebrows

This opinion comes from Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. She responded to a motion for summary judgement regarding the dispute between two participants in the now-defunct cryptocurrency venture Voyager Digital.

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Her opinion could potentially have a positive effect on Ripple’s case. In her ruling, Netburn stated that it was up to the SEC to “show the economic reality of the transaction” when they deem an asset a security. Her line of reasoning echoes the point of view that Ripple has been pushing in their court case. It showed that Ripple isn’t the only one that believes that the SEC’s allegation isn’t as clear cut as they think.

SEC Blinks in Response

The SEC responded to the judge’s opinion with a tepid reaction. They noted that “the court’s decision does not address whether any digital asset is a security”, but their response acts as a reminder that the SEC’s stance isn’t without weaknesses.

It may be the wake up call that the SEC needs to come up with compelling evidence to back up their claim that XRP is a security. If they can’t show this, then Ripple might be able to win their case and put to rest the question of whether XRP is a security or not once and for all.

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Humor and Safety in Times of Uncertainty

Despite the seriousness of the matter, we couldn’t help but inject a bit of humor into this debate, in the spirit of entertaining our readers.

What type of security is XRP?

  • Security Blanket Security: XRP is the security blanket that Ripple and its supporters wrap themselves in when the SEC starts to threaten
  • Funny Security: XRP has been the source of tons of jokes and memes since the SEC first brought up the matter, making it the ‘it’ security of the moment.
  • Safe Security:Investors can rest assured that the judge’s opinion has thrown a wrench in the SEC’s security classification of XRP, helping Ripple stay one step ahead of their opponents.

Final Word

No one knows how this case will turn out, but one thing is for sure – Ripple and XRP holders have gotten a bit of breathing room thanks to the ruling of Magistrate Netburn. Time will tell if the judge’s opinion will help Ripple make a case in their battle against the SEC or not. Stay tuned!

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