Argentina Records Whopping 6.6% Inflation in February

Gonzalo, our long-suffering neighbor to the south, has had it rough these past couple of years. From an economic standpoint, the situation has been especially dire. February’s numbers show that the Argentinian economy just hit a new high… of inflation. It registered a staggering 6.6% CPI for the month, and for the first time since the 1990s, the yearly increase has blasted past 100%!

It’s not really funny anymore when we think about this issue. But try looking at it from a humorous angle. Here are some things you can count on going up faster than inflation in Argentina these days:

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Things that Increase Faster than Inflation in Argentina

  • The number of layers of clothing you’ll need to survive the winter.
  • Stories about Argentina’s latest economic woes.
  • The size of your wallet after you buy a bottle of cola.
  • The willingness of your parents to believe this one will really be the last time you say “I’m broke”!

As the jokes have hopefully lightened the mood, the true struggle remains. Argentina is in dire need of support to make it through this difficult time. We can only hope that the government will make the right decisions to ensure the country’s economic stabilization. As for us, let’s stay informed, lent a hand when we can, and keep Gonzalo in our thoughts.

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