Good Riddance Crypto-Mixer Chipmixer – Its Creator Could Have a Nutty Prison Sentence Ahead

Ahh, Chipmixer, the anonymous cryptocurrency dispenser that allows users to launder their digital assets with the right mixture of code. It’s a service so popular that it has been used in the murky underbelly of transactions for quite some time.

But alas, our days of using this digital service are over as an international operation has shut it down. Oh, and anyone who used the services could find themselves in hot water.

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Crypto-Zapper Operation Targets Chipmixer

The Crpyto-Zapper operation, which encompasses more than 25 countries, snagged Chipmixer, the cryptocurrency mailer, in a global crackdown on the service. Authorities shut down the service’s servers and tracked down the owner, who could face up to forty years in prison.

Chipmixer’s creator, who we will just call Joe, wasn’t doing much to hide his activities. He is accused of using the service to launder money and sending out warnings that users better be careful of the authorities.

Crypto-Laundering and Chipmixer

Chipmixer allowed users to send digital currencies, like Bitcoin, in a way that scrambles the IP address and other identifying information about the original sender. This worked for one major reason – it allowed users to launder their digital assets.

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It may have seemed almost impossible for the authorities to trace the true source of the money, yet authorities used a mix of old-fashioned legwork and digital operation to trace the transactions the sender.

You Might Go To Jail – But With These Tips You Should Be OK

If you were one of the unlucky few who used Chipmixer, there is a good chance that you could be in serious trouble.

The authorities are seriously cracking down on any transactions that were sent through Chipmixer, especially if they were sent over the last two years. But don’t worry – you may still get away with a light sentence if you follow these tips:

  • Talk to a lawyer – They can help you in understanding your rights and what to do next.
  • Stay quiet – As tempting as it may be to explain what you’ve been doing, it is better to wait for your legal representation to speak.
  • Proof of innocence – Dig up any proof of your clean record if the authorities come knocking.

Good luck, and may the digital gods be with you!

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