Playboy Just Lost Over $5 Million On Ethereum

What The Heck Just Happened?!

Not too long ago, Playboy announced it had made the brilliant decision to accept Ethereum as a form of payment for its non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But unfortunately, the company has now found itself in the unenviable position of having to admit it lost somewhere between 4 and 6 million dollars in the process.

Given that this is Playboy we’re talking about, many people were quick to make light of the situation with plenty of raunchy jokes and puns. Some of the best ones were along the lines of:

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  • That’s what happens when you play around with crypto!
  • Never trust a bunny with your money.
  • You’d think an adult publication would know better than to do something so irresponsible…

But of course, nobody was actually laughing — especially the poor gambler(s) responsible for the mishap.

The exact details surrounding the loss remain under wraps, but a few interesting facts have since come to light:

  • Playboy had some bad luck with an infamous scammer known as “DeFi Jesus” (who has since changed his name to DeFi El-Macho)
  • The transaction was made on the same day that blockchain-based marketplace was hacked
  • Playboy has since filed a complaint against the perpetrator

The whole situation goes to show that cryptocurrency can be extremely lucrative and highly rewarding, but it can also be an incredibly risky investment — one that’s best left to the professionals. As for Playboy, who knows, maybe they’ll get back the money they lost. Though it may take more than a bunny suit and a few raunchy jokes…

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Note from the Editors: We at DigitalTrends do not condone gambling. Cryptocurrency trading should always be undertaken with due caution and research.

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