The BTC Bull Run: Profit-Taking Is On!

The crypto-world has been experiencing a bullish Bitcoin run. The price of BTC broke $27,000 USD recently and just keeps going up!

It has been a great year for Bitcoin holders and it looks like 2020 is getting even better for this Cryptocurrency.

All the Feels: Profit-Taking in Motion

BTC holders all around the world woke up to the news and their faces lit up in joy. I mean, when it’s time to cashing out, it’s time to cash out!

All the feels! This news brought out the most extraordinary profit-taking behavior anyone has ever seen. After all, why hold cryptos when you can cash out right?

BTC holders seized the moment and the following money transfers were recorded on the blockchain:

  • Unbelievable transfers to accounts in Belize
  • Romantic trips to the Seychelles being booked by BTC holders
  • Fancy cars being bought with this BTC profits
  • More Lamborghinis on the roads

Yes, it’s that serious. The BTC holders want to live their best lives with their BTC profits and no one can stop them. Wink, wink.

The Bull Run Continues

With the recent breaking of the $27,000 USD barrier and the market capitalization reaching $500 Billion USD, it’s fair to say that Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The profit-taking frenzy is definitely far from over! Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing new Bitcoin millionaires popping out of nowhere…?

Stay tuned for more news about the BTC bull run and enjoy the profits (if you have them)!