UBS Gets Ready to Fetch Credit Suisse in Grand Poo-Bah Entry

UBS has come out to the public and announced it’s plans to take over Credit Suisse, and also requested from the Swiss government a “backstop” in the deal!

Ah, the grand poo-bah of investing is angling to take over its prestigious Swiss rival – what a sight to behold. The many bigwigs at the top of the banking worlds have been telling their tales ever since news of this merger first intrigued the masses. And what a tale it promises to be.

Why the Need for a Backstop?

The merger of UBS and Credit Suisse wouldn’t just be a big deal, it’d be a crucial one. It would instantly create one of the biggest banking powers in the world. But in order to pull this off, UBS has requested a government backstop for the deal.

The reason for this is to protect UBS from vast financial damage that could be brought on from the merger and its huge risks. Despite years of hard work, all of UBS’ planning could, in a fraction of a second turn into a nightmare. That’s why, in order to secure the possibility of a soft landing in the future, UBS has asked for the government’s help.

What’s Next for the Banks?

It’s a wait-and-see kind of time. The federal government is currently considering the request and we’re left with bated breath waiting to learn the outcome.

If the deal goes through, UBS and Credit Suisse could see themselves:

  • Streamlined operations: With fewer jobs and operational costs, there could be an increase in efficiency.
  • Grow even bigger: The combined bank could be able to bid for larger pieces of business and expand into more products and services.
  • More resources: The bigger bank could have more access to technology, knowledge and expertise.

It’s no wonder UBS wants this giant acquisition. And yet, if the backstop isn’t granted, the Swiss banking industry may be looking at something a little less grand, and far less poo-bah worthy.

So only time will tell if UBS can reach the dreamy heights of financial success it desires. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!