Bitcoin Breaking Records Everywhere, Now Goes Beyond $28K

The big daddy of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, is on a real roll, as it made a huge surge of 37% against the US Dollar this week. On Sunday, it even managed to tap a whopping $28,000 price tag – an all-time record for sure.

So, just what’s been driving the bullish sentiment in Bitcoin? Let’s explore what’s behind this incredible record performance:

Institutional Adoption

This is the obvious one – more and more institutional investors are adding cryptocurrency to their portfolios and specifically Bitcoin. This provides a great deal of added stability to the crypto market, encouraging further investments and driving the price up.

Growing Acceptance

As with anything in life, what’s most influential in terms of success is acceptance. Almost daily, we hear of yet more mainstream financial firms, payment services, and retailers embracing cryptocurrency payments, and this is giving the whole industry a lift.

Apart from the US Dollar, Bitcoin is Beating the Market

Bitcoin is an astonishing success relative to most of the world’s traditional currencies. Despite a global pandemic, economic crisis, and surging inflation, Bitcoin continues to do whatever it wants. Some analysts think it might even hit $100K in 2021, so things could get very interesting in the near future!

Time to Take the Plunge?

As with any investment, a little caution is advised when wading in the crypto waters. That said, if you’re careful, patient and do your research, then you could soon be experiencing the heady highs of cryptocurrency trading!

  • Invest responsibly – never risk more than you’re willing to lose.
  • Be patient – crypto prices can be unpredictable, so be prepared to wait things out.
  • Do the research – investigate different cryptocurrencies to find what suits you.
  • Good luck – don’t expect success to be automatic, but you might just get lucky!

Who knows, you might even be able to join the exclusive club of Bitcoin millionaires. It’s always worth a shot, right?