Blockchain to Become Even More Relevant in Payments This Year!

If you’re into cryptocurrency, you know that blockchain technology is the key to creating decentralised payment systems. But what about those who are not into it? Well, even they are sure to be impressed with blockchain technology this year, according to Maxim Poletaev, Executive Vice President at the Russian banking giant Sberbank.

Sberbank’s Exciting Plans for Blockchain

Poletaevattended the Moscow Financial Forum recently, where he spoke about Sberbank’s plans for embracing blockchain technology. Here’s a quick summary of Sberbank’s exciting plans:

  • The bank wants to develop a blockchain platform that could be used to process payments.
  • The platform will enable users to transfer money quickly and securely – even across borders.
  • The platform will also enable users to use cryptocurrency alongside traditional currencies.

Crypto to Become More Relevant in Payments

Poletaev also had a few things to say about cryptocurrencies and their potential role in the future of payments. He believes that cryptocurrencies are set to become even more relevant in the payments sector, as more and more countries adopt crypto regulations.

He also believes that Sberbank’s blockchain platform will contribute to the growth of crypto adoption. After all, the platform will enable users to use cryptocurrency alongside traditional currencies. In other words, the platform will make it easier for people to use cryptocurrencies for payments.

Humorous Note

At the end of his speech, Poletaev made a joke that had many in the audience laughing. He said, “Blockchain sure is revolutionary technology – it might even make cash obsolete… No, just kidding!”

It’s refreshing to know that even in the banking world, there’s still room for humour.


So if you thought cryptocurrency was only for tech geeks, think again. According to Poletaev, blockchain technology – and in turn cryptocurrency – is set to become more relevant for payments this year.

We can’t wait to see what Sberbank has in store for us!