DefiLlama Goes Rogue: Forks Into New Platform After Core Team Disputes Over Token Launch

It’s been a wild ride for DefiLlama fans these days, as the core team behind its much anticipated token launch faced a severe dispute over its launch date. Undaunted, the DefiLlama team decided to take things into their own hands — by forking itself into a brand new blockchain platform!

What Is DefiLlama Forking?

DefiLlama, the next-generation smart contract platform for custom token launches, has forked its existing platform into a new blockchain. That’s right, the DefiLlama team is ready to take the project on the road and show us all how it’s done!

Why Do This?

It all started when there was a disagreement between the core team about the launch date of DefiLlama’s token. After much debate, the team decided to part ways and explore their own ambitions, leaving the future of the project uncertain.

However, the DefiLlama team didn’t take no for an answer. Instead, they decided to take their vision of a custom token launch service, and migrate it onto a new blockchain platform they could control.

What Does Forking Mean For The Project?

Forking the project is a great opportunity for DefiLlama to explore new technology and develop its business. The new blockchain platform will allow the team to rapidly prototype and evaluate new features and solutions, and create a custom token launch experience tailored to the team’s needs.

The team will also be able to focus on their main goals without having to concern themselves with the politics of the former platform.

What Does It Mean For Project Investors?

Fortunately, all project investors will be able to transfer their tokens to the new platform without any loss of value. This means that you will be able to invest in the new platform, and enjoy the same security of your assets that you would get with the previous one.

Final Thoughts

It’s always exciting to witness a project reach new heights, and DefiLlama’s fork into a new blockchain is no exception. With the core team in control of the project, investors and fans alike will no doubt have high hopes for the future.

With the custom token launch feature, and a great team of developers, the sky’s the limit for the DefiLlama project. So buckle up, because this is going to be one ride you won’t want to miss!