Crypto & Drugs – Why does this Ex-Belgian Finance Minister Want to Ban Crypto?

Hey everyone, a few weeks ago, the ex-Belgian Finance Minister, Johan Van Overtveldt, created quite a stir when he said that cryptocurrency should be banned from the economy, just like cocaine and heroin.

What’s the Deal with Crypto & Drugs?

Well, let’s break it down. The ex-Minister believes that cryptocurrency is damaging the economy and could even lead to money laundering. He claims that it’s just like dealing drugs in that it’s illegal and works against the government.

Why would the government want to ban cryptocurrency? Well, the main reason is that they don’t know exactly how it works, they don’t have control over the transactions and they can’t keep track of who is investing or trading with it. It makes them very uncomfortable.

But Come on, Why Link Crypto to Drugs?

From an ex-finance minister, this makes for an interesting comment. It’s obviously not the case that cryptocurrency is as dangerous as drugs (just ask the thousands of green smoothie-loving crypto fans out there). Plus, cannabis is legal in some countries.

But let’s face it, linking cryptocurrency and drugs has caused a huge stir. It puts it front and center in the public eye and is bringing a wave of attention to the industry.

You Gotta Laugh, Right?

To be honest, you have to give the guy a bit of credit. We’re talking about something that a lot of people think is boring – the finance world. By linking two super controversial topics (i.e. drugs and crypto), he managed to anchor this topic in the minds of the general public.

Plus, it certainly got a bit of a laugh out of us, if nothing else.

What’s the Takeaway Here?

At the end of the day, this is a reminder that cryptocurrency isn’t just for tech-savvy people anymore. It’s becoming more and more mainstream – and the general population is starting to assess it.

If you’re into crypto, keep that in mind and always be sure to educate. Keep speaking to people, sharing your views, and defending crypto – one day, the ex-Belgian Finance Minister might change his tune.

So, let’s get out there and spread the positive message of crypto!