AFIP Strikes Again: 184 Digital Wallets Were Late For Tax Payments

AFIP, The Argentine Federal Tax Authority, has recently detected 184 irregularities in statements submitted by digital wallets in the country. The digital wallets are being investigated by the Tax Authority in an effort to identify any possible irregularities within the payments to and from digital wallets.

What AFIP Is Looking For?

AFIP is looking for possible omissions and inconsistencies in the taxes paid by digital wallets to the government. In some cases, AFIP discovers irregularities only after the taxes were already sent to the government.

The authorities are trying to detect any financial operations not reported to the tax authorities. According to AFIP, there could be a variety of reasons why irregularities were detected.

What Happens If Irregularities Are Found?

If AFIP finds any irregularities or omissions in the tax statements of digital wallets, the digital wallet may be subject to fines. The fines vary depending on the severity of the irregularities, but they can range from a few thousand pesos to millions.

It is important to note that digital wallets are responsible for filing accurate and complete tax statements. They are required to notify the tax authorities in case of any changes or modifications to financial operations.

Tips To Avoid Being Fined

Here are a few tips to help digital wallets avoid being fined by AFIP:

  • Stay up to date: Digital wallets should make sure to keep up with the latest tax regulations from AFIP.
  • Monitor financial operations: Digital wallets should monitor all financial operations to make sure that all the taxes and fees are paid.
  • Use an accountant: Digital wallets should use the services of an accountant to ensure that all taxes are properly documented.
  • Be proactive: Digital wallets should be proactive in filing accurate and complete tax statements.


AFIP is always on the lookout for irregular statements filed by digital wallets. Digital wallets should take precautionary measures and use sound accounting practices to ensure that taxes are properly filed and that no irregularities are detected. Otherwise, they risk being fined by AFIP. Now, if only AFIP was as thorough with its investigations as it is with its tax fines. Oh, the irony!