Maybe the Future is Fun – Blockchain Games Hold the Key to the Next Generation of Web3 Users

Recently, Claudio Riff, a blockchain game designer, made the bold claim that blockchain games had the potential to bring in a ‘critical mass of users’ to Web3. With the adoption of blockchain technology on the rise, this isn’t a totally outrageous statement. But we thought we’d dig a little deeper and explore why blockchain games can be so influential.

They Make Technology Legible

Making the transition to Web3 can be a daunting prospect. For those outside the tech world, an understanding of blockchain protocols and decentralized systems is required to even set up a wallet. This doesn’t tend to appeal to mainstream users. However, they might be more amenable to something a little more familiar such as games. Blockchain-based games are a great entry point to the world of distributed ledger technology, but also a pleasant distraction from the finer details.

They’re All about Ownership and Customization

The key point of proposition for users is ownership. Blockchain games offer users complete control over the content, tokens or items they purchase or generate. This is a huge step forward compared to traditional games, where items and currency exist in the game world but it can’t be taken out the ecosystem. With blockchain games, users benefit from total ownership and true customization.

Games are Fun and Addictive

Let’s be honest: we’re all familiar with game addiction. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it encourages engagement and keeps players involved with the game. Blockchain PvP games may be more difficult, but they often come with lucrative rewards that all contribute to their popularity. People are driven by their competitive and reward-seeking instincts, which can be tapped into in this space.

In Conclusion…

It’s clear that blockchain games have a huge potential for introducing users to the Web3 space. From making technology legible to providing users with full ownership and customization, blockchain games can be a low-friction entry point that introduces people to a whole new world of possibilities. So, if you want to explore Web3, there’s no better way to do it than with a blockchain based game. Who knows? You might even have a bit of fun while you’re at it!