Sad News For Crypto-Loving Sex Workers: SpankPay Has to Shut Its Doors

We regret to report that the popular crypto-payment platform SpankPay, which had been beloved by the sex-worker community, has announced that it would be closing shop. SpankPay had been aiming to revolutionize the industry by allowing clients from all over the world to pay for services securely via cryptocurrency.

The Short, Sad Story of SpankPay

The venture, which was founded in 2019, had been a welcomed addition to the adult entertainment industry. From its rise to the top, it gained momentum with the help of its modern user interface, secure transactions, lack of identity verification, and fast payment processing. Unfortunately, after months of blazing success, the platform was forced to make the difficult decision to close its doors.

What Caused SpankPay To Close?

There are several speculations as to why the venture had to call it quits. But the consensus seems to be that it had to do with the increased pressure from regulators and banks, which have become increasingly suspicious of the crypto-sector and have been squeezing out crypto payment platforms due to their concerns about potential misuse.

What Now?

The closure of SpankPay has left many sex-workers and clients disappointed, as there aren’t many payment solutions tailored to their needs. Fortunately, there are a few options that have been suggested as potential replacement:

  • Visa GiftCards – Though not as secure as cryptocurrency, they are still suitable for many transactions.
  • Zelle – It’s a convenient but relatively expensive payment method.
  • Barter – Plain and simple barter is always an option if you can’t find a suitable alternative!


At the end of the day, the closure of SpankPay is a sad event for the sex-worker community, as it was a welcome addition to their industry. We can only hope that another venture will be able to step in soon and provide the same level of secure payment processing that SpankPay had been able to provide. Until then, stay safe out there and don’t forget to use those bartering skills!