1.2 Million Invested in Flying Sheep Studios

The German Federal Government is no stranger to innovation, and it seems they’ve found a worthy opponent in Flying Sheep Studios – a German-based metaverse startup. In a move that’s sure to get some ‘baa-aing’, the government has invested $1.2 million into the studio with the intention of getting their project off the ground.

But what is Flying Sheep Studios, and why are people getting so excited? Let’s take a look!

All About Flying Sheep Studios

Flying Sheep Studios is working on developing a fully immersive, virtual world that provides an alternative reality experience. It’s similar to Second Life – with users being able to customize their avatars, play games, make friends and explore the metaverse.

In the world of Flying Sheep Studios, you can become anything you want. Literally. Own a farm, build a castle, or even become a gladiator in the virtual Roman Empire!

Their goal is to create a user experience that feels real and familiar. To achieve that, the team of developers is working on creating an ever-expanding universe filled with exciting, unique experiences for everyone. The possibilities are near endless!

Why is the German Government Investing?

There are a few reasons why the German government believes Flying Sheep Studios is worth investing in.

First, the team of passionate developers have demonstrated the potential of their product – a potential that the government believes will be of great benefit to the country. But beyond that, they’re also investing in a product that could open the door to a bright new virtual future.

The government also hopes that this venture will help to create future job opportunities by encouraging innovative entrepreneurs and startups to enter the marketplace.


The $1.2 million investment is a huge vote of confidence for Flying Sheep Studios, and it’s clear that the company has the potential to create an exciting alternate reality experience.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what possibilities the future holds. But one thing’s for sure: with the German government on your side, the sky (or metaverse) is no longer the limit!