Bitkeep and Bitget Join Forces to Further Strengthen Defi and Cefi Link

The popular Multichain Wallet, Bitkeep, has just raised a whopping $30 million from Bitget to further strengthen the link between Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Centralized Finance (CeFi). This move is one of a kind, as it establishes a valuable bond between the two sides of the financial world.

What Bitkeep is Doing Different

With this new funding, Bitkeep is looking to bridge the gap between the two sides of the financial network. They are set to create a more robust platform, leveraging the best of both worlds. They plan to do this by:

1. Extending their user bases, giving more people access to DeFi and CeFi assets.

2. Creating a strong connection between the two ecosystems via digital assets.

3. Improving their transaction experience with faster and easier payments.

4. Offering new services and features, such as decentralized crisis management and asset management.

A Great Step for the Financial Network

Bitkeep’s move is sure to be a great advancement for the entire financial network. By joining together the two sides of the network, both traders and investors can benefit from more options and improved security.

This will also bring more liquidity to the DeFi and CeFi markets, making it easier to transition between different coins and tokens. As the two platforms come together, it will also be beneficial for those who are new to the cryptocurrency space, as they can access both DeFi and CeFi through one platform.

The Final Word

It’s certainly an exciting time for the crypto world. The funding from Bitget has added yet another layer of legitimacy to the industry, as well as providing more opportunities for both DeFi and CeFi.

So, if you ever wanted to combine the power of decentralized and centralized finance, this move from the two giants is certainly a great step in the right direction!