Woman Loses Money To Crypto Scam Via Dating Site In Mumbai

Ah, Mumbai – the city of dreams, love and now, the object of yet another cybercrime. A young woman in the city recently lost a hefty sum of money to a crypto scam which was initiated through an online match making site.

Unlike the usual online scams, this scam was pretty sophisticated. The poor woman was misled into investing in a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme, and naturally she lost her hard earned money. How did this happen? Let us take a closer look at this wily scamster and his clever ploy.

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

It all started with a seemingly normal match-making site. The matchmaker processed the woman’s profile and identified her ideal match — a man with a dashing profile picture and an interesting bio. The scamster had set up this profile on the site and used it to extort money from unsuspecting women.

Once the connection was made, the scamster started sending messages about “Bitcoin investing” and how it was a great way to make money. He even provided her with a link which she assumed was to a legitimate investment website. Unsuspectingly, she clicked the link and invested a nice, fat sum of money. As you can imagine, this was the last money she ever saw.

Tips To Prevent Being Duped By Crypto Scammers

Although this situation was pretty unfortunate, a few tips and tricks can help you prevent being duped by crypto scammers:

  • Do your research – Whether you’re investing in Bitcoins or in any other asset, make sure you do your due diligence. You should always double check any information you receive about a certain investment.
  • Stay vigilant – If anyone contacts you out of the blue, especially via social media, it’s always better to stay away. After all, if it’s too good to be true, chances are it isn’t true.
  • Be careful of linking sites – Never click on links sent to you by strangers, even if they are promising you riches. Always cross check the link before you open it by manually typing in the URL.

So there you have it, friends – another crypto scam, another victim in Mumbai. We can all learn from this poor woman’s misfortune and use it to make sure we don’t fall in a similar trap. Stay safe, and have fun investing!